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Kensington Contractors - Anston

Our customer Kensington Contractors, recently undertook a prestigious home renovation project. Their client desired a modern and luxurious aesthetic, blending the warmth of oak and the sleekness of stainless steel in their newly renovated home. Seeking a unique touch for the staircase, they approached our company with a request to design, manufacture, and install a bespoke frameless steel and glass balustrade, complete with complementing stainless steel handrails and boss fixings.

Our installation team ensured a smooth and efficient integration of the bespoke balustrade into the home. Careful attention was paid to aligning the steel and glass elements precisely, creating a seamless transition from the oak staircase to the frameless balustrade. The stainless steel handrails were expertly installed to provide both support and a touch of elegance.

The successful collaboration between Kensington Contractors and our team exemplifies the power of thoughtful design and precision manufacturing in achieving a seamless integration of materials to meet the client's aesthetic vision.

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after 1.jpg
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