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How to measure correctly for a glass Juliette balcony

In order to get the correct glass size, we need the correct opening size, I.E brick to brick. We also need to know where the internal floor is in relation to the door sill, is it higher or lower? Our glass fixings are usually fixed 100mm away from the edge of the brickwork with 75mm of glass beyond. This is usually 50mm above the sill to allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

balcony measurement

If the doors have external handles, how far do they project from the face of the wall?

Are they above or behind the glass Juliette balcony?

balcony measurement

It is extremely important to note that there should be nothing 300mm on either side of the Juliette doors to prevent the fixings.

i.e. drainpipe, satellite, cables etc.


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