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Our Stainless Steel Medium Square Glass Clamps are designed to be suited to our range of pre-assembled posts but can be used in a variety of applications.


Security and stability are essential. Our Glass Clamps are used to secure the glass panels safely to our range of posts by tightly holding the glass in place with a section of rubber to protect both the glass and the clamp.


The grade 316 steel ensures superior corrosion resistance in both indoor and outdoor applications.


Available in either a brushed satin finish or a mirror polish, which will compliment a variety of decoration styles and look fantastic both indoors and outdoors.


We recommend using a mirror polish if installed within 10 miles of a coastline or in an area with a high saltwater content.

This includes M8 Bolt, Screw Cap, Safe Pin, Safe Plate & 12mm Rubbers (more sizes sold separately).


PriceFrom £16.83
Excluding Sales Tax

Finish: Mirror // Satin

Gade: 316

Post Tube Diameter: 42.4mm // 48.3mm / Flat

Glass: 12mm - 17.5mm

Material: Stainless Steel

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