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Secondary Steel

At K-Fix Systems Ltd, our expertise lies in the meticulous design, supply, and installation of a wide range of secondary steelwork solutions.


We pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions that cater to a diverse array of projects, from small-scale beams and bracings to larger, more complex steel sections and structures that seamlessly integrate into existing architecture and steel frameworks.

Design Excellence

Our design process is characterized by a commitment to excellence.


Our team of skilled engineers and designers collaborate closely to conceptualize and develop secondary steelwork solutions that not only meet functional requirements but also harmonize with the existing design aesthetics.


We take into consideration factors such as load-bearing capacity, structural integrity, and architectural coherence, ensuring that our designs fulfill both practical and visual needs.

Comprehensive Range

Our capabilities extend across a comprehensive spectrum of secondary steelwork components.


Whether it's designing and installing smaller beams and bracings to enhance the stability of a structure, or crafting larger steel sections to support more ambitious architectural endeavors, we possess the expertise to handle it all.


Our proficiency is showcased in our ability to seamlessly integrate these components into existing frameworks, creating a cohesive and robust structure.

Tailored Solutions

At K-Fix Systems Ltd, we recognize that every project is unique. That's why we take a personalized approach to each undertaking.


We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements, constraints, and aspirations.


This allows us to tailor our secondary steelwork solutions to align perfectly with their project's vision, while also adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Supply Chain Excellence

As part of our commitment to quality, we maintain a robust supply chain that ensures the timely availability of high-quality materials.


Our partnerships with reputable suppliers enable us to source premium steel and other components that meet the stringent demands of our projects.


This approach guarantees that the secondary steelwork we provide is not only durable but also stands the test of time.

Installation Expertise

The installation phase is where our dedication to precision truly shines.


Our skilled installation teams bring our designs to life on-site, adhering to best practices and safety protocols.


Whether it's fitting smaller components or erecting larger steel structures, our teams are equipped with the knowledge and experience to carry out installations seamlessly, minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth integration with existing elements.

In conclusion, at K-Fix Systems Ltd, our holistic approach to designing, supplying, and installing secondary steelwork sets us apart.


We combine design excellence, a comprehensive range of solutions, tailored approaches, supply chain excellence, and installation expertise to deliver secondary steelwork that not only enhances structural integrity but also elevates the aesthetic and functional aspects of the projects we undertake.


Our commitment to innovation, precision, and collaboration makes us a reliable partner for projects ranging from the modest to the monumental.

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